Are you manufactory or trade company?

Manufactory:We are the OEM manufactory specialized in HOLOGRAM more than 16 years, with a total area of over 5000 square meters, Above 90 employees in Shenzhen City! We Provide different kind stickers.Our advanced full set equipments make sure good quality and competitive price!

How can I get the samples?

If you need samples, we can make as per your request .You should pay for the transportation freight and cost for sample, while the samples cost can be refundable after you place the order. and if you want our samples ,it is free, then you can just pay for the shipping fee.

How long does it take to complete an order?

If the quantity is not quite big, for example, less than 5,000pcs, it'll take 7-10 days to produce it. Shipping by courier will take 3 days or so. So it'll reach your office in 12 days.

How do I Make Artwork?

Free design.We'll help you to make your customized design artwork if can not do it.
Format : .CDR, .AI, .PDF, .PSD

How to order ? MOQ?

MOQ:3,000pcs(hologram sticker) ; 5,000sq.m (Registered Packaging and Lens Film) ; 400sq.m (Registered Printing Label)

Please send us your purchase order by Email( or Fax(86-755-27230055) ,and send your artwork to us. We will modify and advise if necessary.We need to know the following information for your order.

1)Product information-Quantity,Specification(Size,Material,Technological and Packing requirements etc.)
2)Delivery time required.
3)Shipping information-Company name,Street address,Phone&Fax number,Destination sea port.
4)Forwarder's contact details if you have any in China, and welcome to visit our factory.

What if I want to change after submitting my artwork?

We only allow changes for unconfirmed orders.
Kindly notify our staff regarding the file/job you wish to change, and submit the new/amended files to us.

How do I pay for the confirmed order?

When you confirm on an order, you need to bank in your amount to AFC TECHNOLOGY account. After transaction, we will precede your order.
Payment Method : TT , Direct/ Online Bank In , Western Union

What is Holographic?

Holographic is an image registered with use of coherent laser light. It allows to preserve the 3-D information of a holographic subject. With a single source of white light, the image is "played back" and appears in 3-D exactly as it was registered in the studio. Image can project deep inside, or "stick" out of the Sample. Virtually impossible to copy and displaying unique visual effects, they present themselves as an unbeatable security solution for brand protection and brand promotion.

Can hologram be duplicated?

There are various quality of holograms in the market. A low quality hologram can be duplicated up to 98% similarity; however, a good quality hologram is rather hard to be duplicated, depending on the technical equipments and operational skills of company.
AFC Hologram continously invests in advanced equipments and develops technical knowledge in-house which greatly reduce the risk of hologram being counterfeited.

Is hologram a printing technology?

Hologram is produced through the interference of laser beam whereby the images are captured in a three-dimensional form and are presented on a two-dimensional surface.
Therefore, as opposed to conventional misconception, hologram is, in fact, not a printing technology.

What are the different type of holograms?

Holograms can be classified according to the level of security and degree of resolution incorporated during the process of master origination.
AFC Hologram produces different type of holograms:4D, 2D/3D, Dot-marix,3D Dot-marix, 3D, 2D, True Color, Moire Hidden text, Micron text, Optical Lens, Guilloche Lines, Multi channel, 360°, Speckle, Reflection, etc.

How to grade the quality of hologram?

The grading of hologram is not determined by the sophisticated design of hologram image. It is graded by the following criterias:
Depth of image: The deeper the better and less prone to be counterfeited.
Brightness: A good quality hologram is shining and has sparkling effect when turning the hologram.
Adhesive: A bad adhesive glue would easily loss it’s stickiness and the layer can stick on hand while applying hologram on the product.

Who can use the Holograms?

Every Industry and any industry can use the Holographic products to enhance the image of their brands in the market as an genuine and authenticated brands. They are used for attractive product packaging, security applications (they are almost impossible to counterfeit), fancy gifts, etc. Holograms are new media of 3-D art, registration of priceless artifacts, etc. They are also used in new technology aircraft, automobiles, etc. A few leading companies are also working on Holographic video and TV systems. For your quick reference, some of the industry segements where Holograms are used very frequently are as follows:

Chemicals/Detergents, Fertilisers, Seeds.
Building Material/Hardware.
Fine jewellery/Watches.
Aircraft/ Automative & High Technology/Engineering Spares & Machine(Holographic Printer) Parts.
Electrical/ Electronic Appliances & Components.
Sporting goods, Toys, Gifts/novelties.
Recording Media(Music-Diskettes/CDs,Cassettes/Tapes/Software).
Clothing Hang-tags, Branded fashion wear & Accessories.
Vehical Registration/ Driving Licences, Fare Charts.
Certificates (Mark-sheets/ Degree/ Diplomas).
Valuable/ Secret/ Confidencial Documents & Envelops.
Sequrity/ Financial/ Surety Instruments/ Bonds/ Share Certificates.
Books/ Publications/ Copyright Sales Litrature.
Loyalty/ Reward/ Vouchers, Passes.
Stored value Phone Cards.
Bank Cheques/ Draft/ Guarantees.
Credit Cards/ Membership/ ID cards.
Computer Peripherals.

Why Holograms should be used?

The reasons for using holograms and holographic products are as following:

Impact: Holograms are eye-catching and will be looked at significantly longer than other graphic mediums. If a customer name or logo or slogan is on the Holographic, the message is enforced.
Pass Around Value: people are impressed by the good holograms and are likely to bring them top attention of colleagues and associates.
Security: holograms are virtually impossible to duplicate and to produce by avereage criminals. Therefore, they have the integral part of many government and commercial security programs. They have been applied to documents, currency, ID cards and product lanes. To further detert the counter, the holograms manufacturers, have added sequential, hidden text and other covert features to their security holograms. That's why it is said that's Security Holographic is a unique optical security device that has combined the Physics and Optics to create a three dimensional image on a two dimensional surface that is used to protect the genuineness of the brand name and authenticity of a product against the spurious/ imitations/duplicates.
Commercial Reasons: Holographic products, commercially, constitute a very unique market in them selves. They are sold in the market as retail products. e.g. Greeting cards, Direct-mail literature, collectibles, trading cards, packaging and displays etc.
Promotional reasons: holographic materials and its allied products catches the attention of the prospects. Actually, they diffract the seven colours of the spectrum when the light falls on them. The unique three dimensional images and colors inherent to the products never let anybody go without alook that is significantly longer then any other medium. Once applied to the product, the apparent value of the product is elevated no matter which way you look at it.